"Hilariously entertaining for both children and adults."
- Rock 'N' Rattle


"Hilarious and talented."

- SILive.com

"The talented and very funny pied piper of kidsville"
- The Liberation Artist 

Music With Patrick: seriously silly musical fun for children and the grown-ups who love them.


Westerleigh Folk Festival 

Love this pic with one of my little buddies from this weekend's Westerleigh Folk Festival.   Everything about the day was fantastic, from the music to the weather; from the lovely landscape to the palpable sense of community.  Already can't wait until next year!

Wet but happy 

Recently had the privilege of playing three shows in three of the NYC boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island) in one super long day that ended with a sudden rainstorm in the middle of the Rock-A-Silly Band's set.  Tired?  Yes.   Wet?  Yes.  Happy to be doing this?   Heck yeah!   #WetButHappy

New Family Member 

Meet Chopper: the newest and furriest member of Mr. Patrick's family.  There's a family resemblance somewhere: maybe it's the ears.   The little guy's cute, I'll tell you that.   

Ms. Gloria 

Meet Ms. Gloria: she turns 90 next month and she is officially one of the Rock-A-Silly Band's favorite fans.  Why?  Well, during our recent show at "Taste of the Valley" on Staten Island she got up and danced and danced and danced like an absolute angel, showing everyone you're never too old to enjoy music.   What a wonderful lady!

Opening Day at the Carousel 

Man, yesterday was one of those lovely spring days you yearn for all winter:  mild weather, green grass, lovely families gathered together at a local event and, of course, the opportunity to place a frog on your head and have an obscene amount of fun!   Yes, opening day at the Carousel for All Children was wonderful in so many ways, and it reminded me yet again why I love performing for families and bringing a laugh to people's lips.  Check out these snaps for a peak at some of the fun we had.

The New York Public Library Rules! 

When I was a kid, the library was a no-talk zone, where stern old librarians preyed upon anyone foolish enough to utter a sound among the stacks.  Today?  Well, I'm happy to be part of the new model of library-as-important-community-hub, where we make music and laugh and, of course, read.   #LibrariesRule

Hanging With My Buddies 

This weekend I provided the entertainment at the Staten Island Zoo's Eggstravagant Feast With The Easter Bunny, and, man, it was fun!  Lots of lovely families, children playing along on drums with me, plenty of animals to pet, tons of yummy food, Staten Island Chuck and, of course, that Original Gangsta, the Easter Bunny.   I even got a chance to pet Waffles the tree sloth, who was so cuddly and cute.   Check out this link for more pics and press coverage: SILive.com

Valentine's Day Party 

On Tuesday, February 13, I had the privilege of attending a Valentine's Day party run by my friends Elaine and Lisa for families who are served by Project Hospitality, a local and really vital human services organization here on Staten Island.   The beats were thumping, the snacks were yumming, and I had a chance to share live music with many wonderful new friends, many of whom don't get many chances to experience live music.   Don't know who had a better time: me or the children!

Groundhog Day 2018 

It sure was a cold morning, but with freezing fingers flailing, Mr. Mikey and I managed to once again bring the tunes as Mr. Staten Island Chuck made his predictions at Groundhog Day 2018 at the Staten Island Zoo.  He called an early Spring, much to the delight of the assembled crowd.  And in case you're wondering what Chuck thinks of the prediction by that "other" groundhog, the impostor named Phil over in PA, he summed it up with three succinct words: "fake news, folks!" 

"Frozen" at the St. George Theatre 

Last night I had the opportunity to perform onstage at Staten Island's treasure, the St. George Theater.   It was "Frozen Family Movie Night," and, boy, was it fun!  A little bit of a silly sing-along, followed by a duet with Anna from Frozen and a huge parade around the theatre with adorable children, many of whom were dressed in costume.  Loved every minute of it!

Hay una Rana en Mi Cabeza 

Absolutely wonderful time playing Christmas tunes for a group of lovely families the other night, and this little fella and I hit it off big time!   He sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish for the crowd and danced, sang and entertained everyone.    Humor and music cross so many barriers: cultural, language: just about anything you can imagine.   So glad to be able to meet such amazing people.

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Many Voices: Songs From Around the World

New York Public Library Children's Center, 476 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Join Mr. Patrick and his silly puppet friends for a musical celebration of songs from around the world. Irish jigs? Got 'em. African songs? Done! This show also takes place in THE NY Public Library building (Think lion statues) in the same room as the original Winnie the Pooh dolls. Can't beat that! Free.

Lunch With The Easter Bunny

Staten Island Zoo, 614 Broadway, Staten Island, NY

Not a breakfast person? Come grab a bite with the Easter Bunny and his pals at the Staten Island Zoo. Mr. Patrick provides the tunes and afterward you get to hunt for Easter eggs. What's better than that? Please visit StatenIslandZoo.org for more information.

Super-Silly Sing-Along and Sprinkler Splashfest

Greenbelt Nature Center, 700 Rockland Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

It's pretty simple, really: a guitar, some puppets, a bunch of singing, dancing and clapping, followed by a bunch of kids running through awn sprinklers and getting so wet and exhausted that their parents can put them to bed early so they can binge-watch Game of Thrones. Pretty sneaky, eh? Fun is Coming! And it's Free!