"Hilariously entertaining for both children and adults."
- Rock 'N' Rattle


"Hilarious and talented."

- SILive.com

"The talented and very funny pied piper of kidsville"
- The Liberation Artist 

Music With Patrick: seriously silly musical fun for children and the grown-ups who love them.


Bat Man in Plaid 

We 70s children well-recall the straight-from-the-box, plastic-smelling, rubber band-sporting Halloween costumes of yore, don't we? Here's yours truly circa 1975, looking every bit the superhero. (Bat Man wore plaid long sleeves under his costume, too, right?) What was your favorite costume back in the day?


Rock-N-Roll Lives! 

Another Staten island Zoo Spooktacular has come and gone, and this year may very well have been the best ever: great families and staff, fun activities, and the costumes.....well, let's just say we hit a new level of silliness with those this year.   Don't believe us?  See for yourself!

The RASB Brings the Fun....Again! 

Once again the Rock-A-Silly Band brought loads of musical fun and silliness to a wonderful group of families: this time at Congregation B'Nai Jeshurun on Staten Island.   Although we managed to play two traditional Jewish songs, our crew was also asked to perform other traditional music....you know, like "We Will Rock You" by Queen, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath and that pilar of the religious canon, "Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day" by Kiss.  We somehow managed to pull off the feat, despite never having played said songs before, but, as they say, all is fair in love and silliness.  Mazel Tov!

Kitty Selfie 

Unlike many other felines, my cat's not big on social media: or the internet, for that matter.   No, she prefers cat naps, morning treats and basking lazily in rays of sunshine.   But today - finally - she decided to have a "coming out" of sorts, so here she is, folks.  To everyone out there she sends her deepest, most heartfelt meow.   

"There's a Frog on My Head!" 

Yesterday I had the privilege of playing my "Many Voices: Songs from Around the World" program at the Aguilar branch of the New York Public Library and it was a really special event.   It heartens me that ins site of the divisive and negative stuff many of us are inundated with every day, there is space in this life for songs and silliness and people of all backgrounds to come together to sing, dance and laugh.  We ended with a big sing-along to Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" that was just delicious.  Wish you coulda been there!

Pure Bliss 

So this is what happens when you loan your puppet buddies to a friend who's covering a gig for you: pure happiness on the part of her little guy.   Selfies don't get any better than this, folks.

New Logo 

Just received new logos and want to share them with you.   What do you think?

The RASB Loves Staten Island Chuck 

He's got the swagger like Jagger and the soul of James Brown: yes, we are talking about the fella in brown - Mr. SI Chuck.  Except for one winter storm toward the end of March, Mr. Chuck's prediction of an early Spring was pretty accurate.   (Can Nate Silver say the same thing about his utter failure to predict the outcome of the last election?   Don't think so.)   

Groundhog Day Show 

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 will mark the Rock-A-Silly Band's fifth time playing at the Staten Island Zoo's Groundhog Day celebration.   The one and only Staten Island Chuck has an 80% accuracy rate, which means either he's a genius or big data is all just a bunch a bunk and we might as well let animals decide public policy and settle important issues.   Gates open at 6:30 AM and admission is free.  Please check out StatenIslandZoo.org for more information.

New Year's Eve Concert 

So the Rock-A-Silly show at the Children's Museum New Year's Party brought home yet again how music and laughter and families illuminate us all. We sang Happy Birthday to a 2-year-old and to an 82-year-old, danced and clapped and sang, and when the balloons dropped, amid the noise and craziness, I saw tears in some adult eyes as "Auld Lang Syne" because music touches us in ways that amaze. Happy New Year, everyone.

More Rock-A-Silly Holiday Cheer 

The RASB doesn't fool around when it comes to spreading the joy of the season, which is why we spent the weekend playing for families of immigrants and also played a big Christmas bash for folks with disabilities.   Talk about fun!

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New Dorp Restaurant Crawl

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The Rock-A-Silly Band brings the funny at this yummy event that allows folks to sample plenty of delicious food from local restaurants. Sponsored by the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation and the New Dorp Business Improvement District. More info coming soon.