Out of the mouths of babes...

While helping out a my kids' swim meet the other day a girl from the other team approached me, saying, "You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere." When I told her I play music for kids her eyes…

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PS 9 Show

Recently had the pleasure of putting the poems of some of the first-graders at PS 9 to music and performing the songs for them at school.  What fun!  What imaginations!   Here's a small sample of the lyrics I got to…Read more

The Rock--Silly Band's new album is here!

Grab your copy today at  Children will admire you!  Adults will envy you!  Cats will continue to ignore you!  You must get this album!


Recent Facebook Review

A mom kindly wrote this review after I did a party for her daughter's first birthday; thought I'd share:

"Honestly, the best entertainment for a child's party.  He is amazing with kids and enjoyable for adults too! We were beyond…

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Rock-A-Silly Album Release April 25

Ready to "Get Silly?"  The Rock-A-Silly Band's album release concert is on Monday, April 25th at 2 PM at the Staten Island Children's Museum: after that you can get your copy online at, iTunes, or just about anywhere you… Read more

Groundhog Day Show

The Rock-A-Silly Band once again brought musical joy to the Staten Island Zoo's Groundhog Day celebration with our original song "Staten Island Chuck."   We were on the morning news across the city!   Chuck dazzled the crowd with "moves like Jagger"…Read more