Spooktacular 2019

Look who showed up at the Staten Island Zoo's 2019 Spooktacular!   The Rock-A-Silly Band played Saturday and Sunday nights: a total of over six hours of music, laughter, dancing and all-around fun.   Can't wait for next year!

Talk About Fun!

We had a great time playing for everyone at Empire Outlets today.  And we got to celebrate my birthday with some serious Baby Shark dancing!   What could be better?  http://TheRockASillyBand.com

Empire Outlets

Our show at the lovely and super-exciting Empire Outlets complex got cut short this weekend when Mother Nature decided to rain on us halfway through the performance.   But not to worry!  We are back on Sunday, September 8th from 1-3…

Lovely Time Playing for Seniors

Yesterday I had the privilege of playing for a group of folks who live at an assisted living home, and, man, did we have a great time!   Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darrin, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley were…

Rocking Westerleigh Park

We had one heckuva time at last night's concert in historic Westerleigh Park>   (Did you know Teddy Roosevelt once gave a speech there?)   The weather was lovely, the dancing was wild and the fun was plentiful.   Can't wait for the…

Loving the New Audience!

Recently had the honor of playing for a different kind of crowd at an event for seniors sponsored by the Staten Island Giving Circle.  It was, in many way, a very moving experience, and I was humbled by how much…

Separated at Birth?

Loved playing at the carousel yesterday, and loved meeting this celebrity: my brother from another mother, Scooter the Holy Cow, the mascot for the Staten Island Yankees.  Special thanks to my friends at Alpha Omega Insurance for throwing a bit…

Baby Shark Mosh Pit

Things got a wee bit crazy at the Rock-A-Silly Band's show at Castleton Hill Moravian Preschool's end-of-year picnic last night; let's just say a new activity was born: the Baby Shark Mosh Pit.   What fun!

A Wonderful Welcome

How great is it to walk into a performance greeted by this???   My friends at Rainbow's Reach made me feel super special yesterday!