"Hilariously entertaining for both children and adults."
- Rock 'N' Rattle


"Hilarious and talented."

- SILive.com

"The talented and very funny pied piper of kidsville"
- The Liberation Artist 

Music With Patrick: seriously silly musical fun for children and the grown-ups who love them.


Mr. Patrick's Little Reindeer 

Chopper is such a good pup that he doesn't even mind wearing antlers and doing his best reindeer impression.   That holiday spirit is in the air!

Black Friday Show 

You know you're partying when you have not one but THREE sharks in your posse!  Even Kanye can't boast about that!   The annual Black Friday show at the Greenbelt Nature Center was one heckuva a good time for all present.  What a great way to burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories!


That pesky shark keeps showing up at events everywhere this Halloween season.   People are wondering if he'll continue to make his sharky presence known around town once the holiday ends, but as of now he has no comment.  What he does know is that he is having one heckuva fun time entertaining families!

Autism Speaks Walk 

Little known shark fact: they support people with autism and their families.  So happy to join my friends at Rainbow's Reach at last weeks Autism Speaks walk.   (Though maybe it should be a swim next time.   Just sayin....)

Spooktacular 2018 

Move over Baby Shark!  It's The RASB!!  The Staten Island Zoo's Spooktacular is by far one of the Rock-A-Silly Band's best shows of the year.   The event has everything: big crowds of families, crazy costumes and two nights of three-and-a-half hour shows that allow us to flex our musical and humorous muscles.   

Love this 

Some people are concerned about social media likes and online reviews and all that jazz; but I'll take feedback like this any time, any day.....

Westerleigh Folk Festival 

Love this pic with one of my little buddies from this weekend's Westerleigh Folk Festival.   Everything about the day was fantastic, from the music to the weather; from the lovely landscape to the palpable sense of community.  Already can't wait until next year!

Wet but happy 

Recently had the privilege of playing three shows in three of the NYC boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island) in one super long day that ended with a sudden rainstorm in the middle of the Rock-A-Silly Band's set.  Tired?  Yes.   Wet?  Yes.  Happy to be doing this?   Heck yeah!   #WetButHappy

New Family Member 

Meet Chopper: the newest and furriest member of Mr. Patrick's family.  There's a family resemblance somewhere: maybe it's the ears.   The little guy's cute, I'll tell you that.   

Ms. Gloria 

Meet Ms. Gloria: she turns 90 next month and she is officially one of the Rock-A-Silly Band's favorite fans.  Why?  Well, during our recent show at "Taste of the Valley" on Staten Island she got up and danced and danced and danced like an absolute angel, showing everyone you're never too old to enjoy music.   What a wonderful lady!

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Breakfast - and Lunch! - With Santa

 —  —

Staten Island Zoo, 614 Broadway, Staten Island, NY

Mr. Patrick returns to provide the musical entertainment for this super-fun holiday event, featuring yummy food, hand-on animal encounters and, of course, a visit from the Man in Red himself, Mr. Claus. Two seatings are offered due to the popularity of this event: 9:30 AM and 1 PM. Please see StatenIslandZoo.org for more information.