"It's All About The Fun!"

"The talented and very funny pied piper of kidsville."”

The Liberation Artist

Mr Patrick's Grown-Up Show

55 Alpine Ave, Staten Island, NY

Grab a babysitter, a cold drink and join Mr. Patrick for a very special performance for people who don't wear diapers or use sippy cups. (Aka "adults."). Expect lots and lots of fun, with sing-alongs and dancing for all. (Baby Shark is banned from the list, in case you're wondering.). I'll be playing with my good buddies, Mikey and Vinny, and, well, we will be burying the fun-o-meter, peeps. This is part of a backyard concert series, so bring your own snacks and drinks. Admission is free, though you are welcome to tip the hosts and performers.

Time to What???? 

One of the many unique things about being Mr Patrick is the encounter with a wide variety of literature. And while I haven’t come across, say, Dante’s Inferno or James Joyce’s Ulysses, today I crossed paths with this little nugget, and, well, what a nugget it is. I see “Time to Pee” as a book for all ages: from older men with pesky prostates to college kids who’ve imbibed a bit too much, everyone - no matter their age or background - can relate to the “call of the bladder.” And in this age of division and discord, that’s a wonderful thing, ain’t it?

Chuck Calls For An Early Spring! 

The Rock-A-Silly Band and Staten Island Chuck are like Travis and Taylor: meant for each other.   We couldn't have enjoyed performing at the Groundhog ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo any more than we did!    And the “early Spring” call had the crowd going crazy!

Look Who We Met! 

The Park Slope tree-lighting this past Saturday was a whole heap of FUN: the crowd was huge, the music was rockin', and we got to hang with the Man in Red, Santa Claus!   



Rubber Duckie, you're the one! 

There hasn't been a couple this perfect since Johnny Depp and Amber Herd.  Wait, scratch that: there hasn't been a couple like this since….well, since Ernie and Rubber Duckie.   But now that I've performed next to a giant rubber duckie, I can see what Ernie was singing about all those years ago: the duck has a certain je ne sais quoi that's rare in water fowl.   Heck, it's rare in any species.   But, well, now I get it: I truly do.   And I'm grateful that Rubber Duckie agreed to this photo because, let's face it, A-list celebs don't often mingle with great unwashed folks like Mr. Patrick.  #DayMade