"The talented and very funny pied piper of kidsville."”

The Liberation Artist

Best of GigSalad Children’s Music


Look what my little friend was wearing for today's school show!   How awesome is that????

Guitar Makeover 

Some folks make over their homes; some make over their bodies.   Me?    I prefer making-over my guitar.    My hope is that these colorful and silly animals will delight the children while enjoying the music.

Superhero Power 

You always feel safe when performing for Wonder Woman and Bat Girl, let me tell you!

Getting Silly At Barnes and Noble 

My recent show at Barnes and Noble took a very silly turn, as you can well-see by this photo.    (I blame the coffee!).  Loved playing an in-person show to a nice crowd of lovely families!

Peter and Patrick: Perfect Together 

Go to hang with the one and only Peter Cottontail last weekend at Music Together of Staten Island's Easter Dance Party, which is rumored to have set a record for most FUN ever experienced at an Easter Dance Party.   (The previous record was set at an East German party in 1972, if memory serves.).  

Reunited and it Feels So Good 

Now that the world has slowly started to return to some sort of normalcy, I'm starting to see friends I haven't seen in over two years, and it is beyond wonderful to reconnect and see those smiles and hear those voices.    This here is my little buddy Rio from Rainbows Reach.   (I think her smile is so bright it could power a country.   What do you think?)


Those internet whispers turned out to be true, folks: Santa and Mr. Patrick are BFFS, and they proved it this past weekend with 5 holiday shows that featured ridiculous amounts of singing, dancing, laughing and overall holiday fun.   Can't wait for the next jam, Santa!