Better Late Than Never

This pic is from a show I did with Mr. Mike on August 1st at the National Night Out Against Crime.   Someone had also asked me to play at the National Night Out In Favor of Crime, and I was…

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Super-Silly Summer Solstice Show a Success!!!

A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who came out to enjoy the fun in Westerleigh Park last night. We are especially grateful to Miss Laura from ET Littles for sharing her super singing skills, for Miss Kerry for her sharing…

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Rockin' With Reed

You KNOW you're having a great day when the one-and-only Reed drops into your classroom performance to jam out on some Beatles tunes.   What fun!

Happy New Year

2022 was a return to normal life, and I am grateful for that.   Thank you to everyone who shared in the joy of music and laughter: two things humans can still agree are among the greatest things in life.   Can't…

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A Minion and A Baby Shark Chatting It Up

Let's face it, conversation these days can be touch.   People are polarized and quick to anger.  And yet, as this video proves, there's still hope, because if a Minion and a Baby Shark can get along, than ANYONE can get…

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I received this message recently from the parent of a child who began attending Rainbow's Reach classes, and, well, it speaks for itself.   To say I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with a child in this way…

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Spooktacular 2022

Look who showed up at the Staten Island Zoo's Spooktacular: those silly minions, aka The Rock-A-Silly Band!

Making new friend at Empire Outlets

Let's face it, Bruce doesn't let people come up and strum his guitar after his Broadway shows.   Not even if your name is Kim Kardashian.    But with Mr. Patrick things are different: you get to shake your sillies out, then…

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